Charlotte,working with the Literacy Unit of the Ministry of Education, implemented a writing literacy program in 2 village schools in Belmopan, Belize in 2011-2012. Now she returns periodically to conduct writing workshops, do puppet shows at schools and work with Children of Hope Foundation, a school sponsorship program. She also created a website for the teachers of Belize to continue helping them with writing literacy:

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      Tuty Kalisek, director, Children of Hope Foundation,
January 4-25 What fun on this trip. It was a fast whirlwind of activities. I met 3 times with the Ministry of Education to plan how I might be of help in the area of teacher training. Also, I did a puppet workshop and 13 shows: 2 churches, 9 schools, and 2 fund raisers for the Humane Societies in Belmopan and San Pedro. This was the first time to do shows in San Pedro, which is on Ambergris Caye, an island about an hour and a half east of Belize. All was coordinated by Colette Kase, a most gracious hostess.


First, many thanks to Tuty Kalisek, director of Children of Hope Foundation, and her assistant T Young for their assistance and participation in making all the shows so successful.
Most of the children in Belize have never seen a ventriloquist, and their entertainment is very limited. It is so great to see the joy and excitement on their faces throughout the show. Children helped with 2 songs and 1 story during the show. This interaction and the zaniness of the puppets had the children's attention as they laughed and related to the stories and songs of Charlotte & the BunkhouseBunch puppets. In the teacher workshops, Charlotte taught how to make and utilize puppets as a teaching tool. Also, each school received a packet containing all information on puppet makinga and 4 CDs which the teachers can use with their classes."

April - This trip was to work with Tuty Kalisek, Children of Hope school sponsorship program, in developing a logo and website. Also, she took me to the schools to schedule shows and teacher workshops for the 2010-2011 school year. I love visiting the schools. If you want to feel loved, go to a school in Belize. The children will mob you and envelope you in hugs. Children are children, no matter where you go. Whatever their circumstances, they laugh and play. Most of the shows will be done outside, since there is no common meeting place large enough for all of them. That means that I and the children will be outside in the sun for the show. It's amazing how they'll stand there for 45 minutes, enthralled by the puppets and music. Then, I gave the principals a proposal of a workshop to teach the teachers how to use puppets in their different subjects. They were thrilled about this, and 7 scheduled the workshop. I will do 9 shows in 8 schools. One has over 700 students, so we will divide them into 2 groups. The September/October trip is going to be awesome.

April - I went on a medical mission trip with Compassionate Alliance. Children were transported to a clinic in Orange Walk. This clinic, run by LEAP of Dallas, Tx. performs surgeries to correct eye and facial problems, Crossed eyes and cleft palates were corrected, and smiles were abundant from the children and parents.
July - I traveled with Ross Weaver, who frequently goes to Belize and takes care of a lot of medical needs by taking people to the doctor, etc. I met Tuty Kalisek, director of Children of Hope school sponsorship program and was very impressed with her work. I will be working with her in the future. It's so great to simply take the time to get to know people.

February 2008 
     I did 9 puppet shows: 5 schools, 2 children's church services, 1 orphanage, 1 coffee shop - approximately 4,000 children.
     Also, did live interview, with James Pitre, Chad Ballard, & Johnny Montgomery, on Belize Christian radio station, My Refuge, with Bro. Ray.
April 2008

     At Banana Bank Equestrian Lodge I taught Eddie, their horse foreman, how to do therapy using a horse. Janee, an 8 year old with Cerebral Palsy, is his student. We had 2 classes and were very pleased at the results. Her parents were also present and learned how to be sidewalkers in the class. Janee is working on balance, muscle strength, and verbalization. 
 Janee    Puppet workshop

     Also, I taught how to use puppets for minstry at Belmopan Baptist Church. We worked on techniques, manipulation, and characterization of puppets. I took CDs of scripts and songs as well as written scripts. They're now ready to launch out into their community with the gospel message. 
     Another very enjoyable aspect of this trip was being with the Pitre family and seeing the people through their eyes. God places children in their path, and they minister to them in many practical ways. I was so blessed to see the love of Christ through their actions. 

June, 2008
     Another opportunity to share the gospel in different ways with the beautiful people of Belize. I presented shows in 5 schools and 2 churches. Also, I taught some more horse therapy with Janee Matute and her family. Joni & Friends donated a special wheelchair for her, and AMBUCS, in Longview, Tx. donated 2 folding wheelchairs. TACA Airlines shipped all 3 free from Houston to Belize, courtesy of Rudy Coye, manager. James and I attended a meeting of the newly organized Association for the Inclusion of Persons with Special Needs and will be working with them to aid their efforts. We now have a young lady, Veronica Lopez, finishing high school in Texas, preparing to become a physical therapy assistant. 
           Janee in new chair                 Charlotte & Reggie Performing          Veronica Lopez, exchange student
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